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What People are Saying...

My daughter has enjoyed dance classes and camps at Reverence for the past five years. I love the welcoming environment that the studio embraces. When my daughter goes to class I feel confident that she will not only learn dance but also the values that the studio is built upon. She often says that she dances to bring herself and others joy and to worship God, and I couldn't be more pleased with that response.

Cami L.

Reverence has been sheer delight for both of my daughters who are in the Prima school as well as for me. I love that at the start of each class they pray and that the teachers exude such a peaceful and fun presence for their students. Personally, I have made so many friends in the lobby area and enjoy getting to know them each week during class!

Bethany E.

I highly recommend Reverence Studios. We started here when my oldest was 3 and she is now 7. She has two younger sisters that also take classes at Reverence. What sets this dance studio apart is the kindness of the teachers, the acceptance of ALL dancers and the Christ focus. We have had several different instructors and have loved them all. The director is amazing! The recital at the end of the year is filled with amazing dances, uplifting songs and beautiful, modest costumes. My girls love it!! And as a parent, I love that it’s a fun, low-pressure event. As someone who previously had a negative view of dance studios, I have been extremely happy with the positive experiences my daughters have had here. For as long as any of them want to dance, we will always choose Reverence!

Rachel S.

Having our daughters as part of Reverence Studios has impacted their lives in a way that they have been able to love dancing and grow in their relationships with The Lord. The opportunities that our oldest daughter has had to attend camps, multiple classes, and be a part of the student leader team have helped her to grow in her relationship with dance, other classmates, the staff, and The Lord. Through prayers and devotions, she has come to realize that anything she does can be done in a way to glorify the Lord; including dancing. The encouragement they both receive during their classes has improved their self-esteem immensely. Our family loves being a part of the Reverence family.

Justin & April B.

Being a part of Reverence the past four years brought dance into my life and has become something that I enjoy doing. It has also helped me to use dance to glorify God and others. It has helped me to grow in my faith by helping me get into my Bible more and participate in class prayers and devotions. As a Reverence dancer, I am encouraged every step of the way and to keep pursuing my dreams of dancing as I get older. Being a part of Reverence is a big part of my life.

Abigayle B.