Dance for a Purpose that is greater than yourself

Our Studio: Encourages, Inspires, Refreshes, Loves, Is safe, Shows grace, Develops leaders.

My daughters have been dancing at Reverence for 14 years. We absolutely love Reverence with all of our hearts. It’s been a fantastic, positive, and upbeat atmosphere for them. The teachers are so kind and patient and give the dancers a sense of positive self-worth. The owner, Miss Kirsten, is a true visionary that mixes faith with great music, fun, and lots of laughter. This studio has changed my daughters’ lives and mine for the better.

Jenn M.

The instruction and teaching at Reverence is outstanding. The teachers not only teach to technical abilities, but they teach from a Christian worldview. It is a safe and understanding learning environment for all ages. Kirsten is an amazing director, instructor, and choreographer who listens, leads, and loves. I couldn’t recommend Reverence enough

Aubrey P.

Reverence Studios well-exceeded my expectations as a dance parent. My hope upon enrolling my daughter was that she would have fun and learn some dance moves, but she benefited so much more by having her faith strengthened every year. The instructors are all young women who love Christ and they serve as good role models for young girls who are at a critical point in their development. Believe me, in our culture, that is hard to find! Furthermore, as a parent, I appreciate that there is no need to worry about revealing outfits or suggestive dance moves. Lastly, the studio cultivates a culture of respect and Christian values which will serve my daughter well for the rest of her life, and for that I am very thankful.

Dennis B.

Rèvèrence has been a studio that I have been able to call my second home for the past 14 years! I love that the teachers are so passionate about us growing in our dancing and in our relationship with God. I have had the opportunity to be a student leader these past 5 years and it has been the most rewarding experience! This has helped me grow in my leadership skills, confidence, and overall dancing ability! I love the variety of classes that are offered and just getting to have fun with my friends! It is a constant reminder that I am loved and welcomed as I step inside of Rèvèrence each day!

Alexia K.

The reason for the success of this business is very simple: they make Jesus preeminent.

Ron O.